Monthly Archives: September 2011

Thanks To Everyone Who Came To Our Listening Party

We all had a blast at our listening party last night at Tonic Room! Thank you all for the positive feedback!

We finished our album at the eleventh hour yesterday morning, so we are grateful for a successful event. There’s nothing quite like this kind of instant gratification!

To all our friends, family and new fans – we’re gonna deliver for you guys at our live show at The Cubby Bear, September 29th.

Album Passed The Car Test

On Monday night, we finished all the final tweaks on our album after the infamous car test. We’re happy to announce, it passed!

We burned two CD’s – one with the most current mix and the other with a mix from two days prior. We played both back and forth on a few of our friends’ car stereos…

After a long critique and some important validation from our friends, we found a happy medium between both mixes and settled on final versions at 4am, Tuesday, just in time for our listening party!

Masters have officially been sent to Discmakers and our order is on time for our CD Release Show at The Cubby Bear on September 29th. See you there!