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Whisky A Go-Go

Hollywood, here we come! We’re happy to announce we’ll be playing the legendary Whisky A Go-Go nightclub one month from today on Sunday, September 30th.

Housed on the Sunset Strip between Clark and Hilldale, this was the birthplace of go-go dancers, the launching pad for 60’s legends like The Byrds, The Doors and Frank Zappa’s Mothers Of Invention, the first American venue for British bands like Cream, The Who and Led Zeppelin, and ever the trend setter with genre movements like New Wave, Punk, Heavy Metal and Grunge.

We’ll be taking the stage with Oliver Sean, Rhythm Over Reason and Annie Activator. This will be an all ages show. See you there!

Enjoy the assurance and convenience of buying your ticket in advance online for just $10 through PayPal:

After submitting payment, your tickets will be available at Whisky A Go-Go the day of the show.