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SubT Review, AE Interview and L.A. Fans

Shout out to all of our fans who made it out to SubT last Friday, February 8th! It was a great show, but don’t take it from us, take it from Greg Dorn who gave us one kick ass review in Lumino Magazine. Check it out here.

For those of you who missed the live stream, Mario, Eric and Geoff were interviewed by Arts Entertainment on February 5th. Check out the archive here.

What up L.A.?! Glad to see our fans still rocking out to our debut album! Check out this photo from our L.A. office. We’ll be serving up some new material this spring!

L.A. Trip


Last month, we flew out to Los Angeles to play a show at Molly Malone’s and the world famous Whisky A Go Go. We stayed with our amazing new manager, Sara Furrer, who made the whole trip possible, and we couldn’t have had a better time. After settling in, our first stop was the LACMA Lights to get some cool new promo pics. We also walked through the La Brea Tar Pits before officially rocking our first L.A. show at Molly Malone’s.

We met a lot of cool people on this trip and are happy to have some amazing new fans in Los Angeles. From the back alley hangs in Sheman Oaks to the streets of West Hollywood and the Whisky itself, everyone we met was really into the band and our sound. Thanks to Sara and band photographer, Mike Danenberg, we were able to coordinate a few photos with some of the people we met on the street and at the Whisky A Go Go after we played.

The Whisky A Go Go show was a raging success. From the moment we got there, we felt the aura of rock n’ roll history and were welcomed by a friendly sound crew who gave us a nice long sound check. It was amazing to see our band name on the Whisky marquee, and we were sure to grab another photo with Sara outside the venue with some new digs she helped us pick out. We had a great turnout and rocked it with some of the best sound we’ve experienced.

How could this trip get any better? With a little luck, we got the chance to meet some really amazing musicians we all look up to as a band. As it turned out, Wilco was on the same flight home to Chicago with Geoff Shell and Mario Cerutti. The two had a chance to chat with the one and only Jeff Tweedy at the O’hare International baggage claim, sharing stories about both playing the Whisky A Go Go. Eric Stang, who stayed a few days longer in L.A., then got a unique chance to meet legendary film composer, James Newton Howard at his studio. We hope to see these guys again in the near future, so until next time, thanks L.A.!

Be sure to check out Mike Danenberg’s Whisky A Go Go 9-30-12 photos in our Photos section, and check out this fun little video we made from our trip:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqSqbS37_ng&w=560&h=315]